About Motovunu

The history of Motovun begins before the Roman times, when at this spot they started their settlement Sekus, a Celtic tribe. Motovun consists of three parts of the city. At the very top is the oldest part, below it is "Suburb", and the newer part "Gradiciol" slides down the slope. The town has preserved its medieval appearance to this day. The defence of Motovun were two rings of walls. The inner ring around the oldest part of the town dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries. Through it lead the inner gate of the city. Around the suburbs was the second ring of city walls, which enters through the outer city gate from the 15th century. There is today a lapidarium. Between the two gates is the outer city square. On the square, beside the interior doors, and the 17th-century town lodge, there's a beautiful view on the surrounding area. You can also see the historical presentation of Motovun in our cultural education center: https://hotel-kastel-motovun.hr/kec-kastel/

Motovun Camping
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Hotel is proud on his a la carte restaurant and his creative kitchen based on istrian traditions...

Still undiscovered spa experience, full of tranquility, full of power and energy of the Istrian soil, plants...